Tod Davis

About Tod Davis


Operations Manager

Tod has over 20 years of experience in set design, video engineering and filmmaking. Tod is an accomplished editor and audio director and he currently controls operations within the DHE studio and all of the field crews.


Josh Adams

About Josh Adams


Studio Manager

Josh has over 25 years of experience in almost every facet of video, audio and studio production. He currently oversees studio production scheduling and he is head editor at DHE as well as being a voice over artist.


Matt Young

About Matt Young


Matt is the lead cinematographer and photographer at DHE as well as an accomplished editor. Matt brings a high level of professionalism to all DHE video Projects and is an extremely talented filmmaker.


Shane Ansell

About Shane Ansell

Sales Manager


All the DHE quotes and custom projects end up in Shanes desk and he works diligently to provide services that fit ANY budget. Shane is also a voice over artist and editor at DHE.